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Why Plan?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Planning is at the heart if every project. We apply great levels of effort and cost undertaking it. But why do we need to plan and is the benefit really worth the effort?

To project managers planning is almost an obsession. By nature we plan, document and analyse at great cost to the project. We travel the globe and go to great lengths to baseline, update, track and review all in the name of planning. We invest in training, software, specialist consultants and even have planning departments or functions in our businesses.


Why go to such lengths?

The following video approaches this question.



Consider a project without planning......

How would we know if we have resources (human, material and asset) available at the right time?

How would we know when activities need to start and finish in order to meet the required deliver date(s).

How would we identify the necessary sequence of activities to achieve the objectives?

How could we understand dependencies between activities and their relationships?

How could we ascertain the impact of event scenarios on the programme?


So......Why Plan?

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