What Would You Say?

If you came face to face with a future generation what would you say to them reference the environmental crisis?

Imagine you find yourself in this situation.

Move forward more than 100 years in time.

We have continued to deplete the earths finite natural resources.

We have continued to cut down the rainforests at a rate faster than they can be replenished.

We have continued to pollute the oceans with manmade waste such as plastics.

We have continued to increase our carbon emissions into the earths atmosphere.

All in the name of progress.

In the mean time the human population has continued to grow. Let's make an assumption that we (the human race) did nothing or very little about it.

The result is a planet where the climate has become warmer and with more extreme weather. A planet with an atmosphere which is breathable but is damaging the lungs of those breathing it. A planet with record numbers of species becoming extinct. A planet where famine and flood is a regular occurrence. A planet where large swathes of land are no longer habitable. A planet with scars so deep that they are not recoverable.

What would you say to the future generation you would be face to face with?

Before you answer the question, watch the video below.

We look to global leaders and their governments for solutions, we look to large corporations to take action and we look to leading global organisations to apply pressure on them (this is for someone else to fix, right?).

It is correct that they all have a part to play but so do we all. If we wait for politicians to make a change it will be too late. We all have a part to play and can all be leaders by acting now as human beings who care for our plant, our children and their future.

Could you say from your heart.....

You did everything you could?

You couldn't have done any more?

You went all of the way?

Could you say you did enough?

So......what would you say?

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