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Back in The Office Again: There's Always Someone to Turn to

The online journal bringing to life the real experiences of a Project Professional.

It's been two weeks now since the Christmas and new year break. The first week back gives a bit of a staggered start as people gradually return from an extended break throughout the week. This allows a return of the quiet zone which I use to reset my calendar for the year ahead booking in the drumbeat of reoccurring meetings, tasks and reminders into outlook and catch up on some actions.

Unusually a new starter joined my team on the first day back which meant making sure I planned ahead and spent time preparing before Christmas but also meant I had no time to sit back take a coffee and ramp in slowly on my return. But the positive is that the rest of the organisation is still ramping up at this time so I was able to could focus on on-boarding without too many distractions.

Week 2 saw things back to full throttle and some urgent issues to resolve


When the usual support networks are depleted due to sickness or leave, it can leave you feeling a little exposed.


Fear not as there are always others you can turn to. Discussing issues with others enables provocation of thought as you share thoughts and ideas. In this case I was able to confide with a colleague which helped me to develop a plan of action for me to take forward but also a sense of pressure relief (a problem shared is a problem halved right).

This enabled me to move the issues forward towards conclusion and at the same time change the mood with the customer to one of positivity and shared ownership.


So remember, there are others out there beyond your close confidants and support network so don't be afraid to reach out when needed.

We all need an ear to bend from time to time.

Just be ready to return the favour if called upon.

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