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Monday - Planning

And we're off!

Another day another dollar. Monday is typically about planning for the week ahead and starts with a look at my calendar as I map out where I need to be and what activities I need to be involved in over the next 5 days. The day is dominated by the weekly team meeting, everything else spans around this. These come in many guises but generally have the same intent. In this case I will call it the PLOW (plan of the week). I chair the meeting and the team comes together to inform each other and discuss their successes, issues and plans for their particular areas, with safety and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.

Tuesday - Doing

Tuesday is the first of two days of addressing issues, attending meetings, analysing data, working with my customer and putting the energy and drive behind achieving objectives. Such days can therefore be very busy and quite adhoc in nature with a mix of regular drumbeat activities supplemented by one off discussions around the topic of the day and can be very much influenced by and shaped around the particular stage of the project lifecycle we are currently in. However lets not forget the PM is a senior member of the business management team therefore must also attend to business wide issues outside of project delivery, this can be anything from strategy setting to continuous improvement.

Wednesday - Doing

The second day of rolling up the sleeves and driving objectives. These days are the engine house of the week where we make things happen before moving towards the weekend.

Thursday - Supporting

Team activities is the focus of the day as I run through a series of back to back section reviews with each section leader supporting delivery. This is the first line of defence in project governance and enables three key objectives.

1. Provides me with an update on progress with any successes, issues or risks as the highlights.

2. Provides an opportunity for me to give support and direction.

3. Provides a route for escalation to help resolve issues, remove barriers and give priority calls should it be required.

Friday - Caring

At last the weekend is almost here! But first we have Friday and Friday is people day. A day dedicated to care and growth of my team. This is dominated by 1:1 sessions with each team member which follow a loose agenda something like this:

  • Personal wellbeing

  • CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

  • AoB

Quite simple really, but it is the one time in the week where work is put aside and the team member has my full attention and focus to support their wellbeing and development. Of course these subjects can be approached at any point through the week and wellbeing in particular trumps all else.

However I find a dedicated slot helps to create a safe space for open discussion, an open door if you will, with a flexible agenda driven by the team member rather than the manager.


So there you have it, a typical week in the Project Managers Calendar, if there is such a thing.


As we know projects are dynamic beasts in a constant evolution as we move through the delivery lifecycle and also business demands change and evolve along side it, therefore we can only ever look at this as guidance and a typical example, but open to change.

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