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#5 - A Problem or an Opportunity?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The online journal bringing to life the real experiences of a Project Professional.

An uneventful week in the virtual office as I find myself still in the quiet zone.

If you are wondering what the quiet zone is read Journal entry #4.

Time to reflect and spend some time focusing on more strategic thoughts.

In any company there will be leavers and joiners. When this happens we can lose vital skills and experience from within the team which can create gaps in competency and capability thus ability to deliver. Sometimes such skills are not directly obtainable in the market as they are developed through the experience of the individual over time in the company. In the worst case much of the knowledge lost is not explicitly held, it is tacit within the individuals own mind.

However tacit versus explicit knowledge is a discussion for another day.

Despite the immediate challenges this may create, change in team personnel should always be taken as an opportunity.


An opportunity to reflect, an opportunity to reorganise, an opportunity to reset the team dynamic.


Sometimes it is difficult situations which force our hand and push us to look at how the team functions and whether the organisation and skills of the people therein remain suitable for the tasks in hand. In the day to day delivery of projects it is easy to get stuck in the weeds and not be able to stop, reassess and evolve with the dynamic environment around us.


Projects are dynamic beasts therefore we cannot afford to stay still we need to regularly assess team organisation and construct.


By doing this we can ensure the immediate problem is just another a bump in the road, a short term issue to resolve, among many.

The difference is that by treating the challenge as an opportunity we can ensure that it results in a stronger team in the long term.

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