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#2 The Only Constant is Change!

The online journal bringing to life the real experiences of a Project Professional.

Projects rarely have that state of stability which we all crave for in business. Where we know what the day will bring and can plan knowing what is around the corner. The reality is a constantly changing environment with unforeseen twists and turns in the road alongside peaks and troughs of demands while we deal with the challenges project life cycles bring.

In fact the only constant is change!

This could be said in any walk of life but in projects, any change brings new challenges. Even a positive change, say a new improved process which makes our lives easier, requires us to reset as we adapt to the new way of working.


When in the throws of project delivery even positive changes add to the already difficult workload.


When day becomes night, challenges are overcome and objectives achieved, the strain endured during delivery is outweighed by the sheer jubilation felt in that moment of achievement.

Enjoy the moment and take a breath because when the sun rises, we will do it all over again.

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