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#1 Wow, What a Week!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The online journal bringing to life the real experiences of a Project Professional.

Wow, what a week! and what a way to start a journal!

If medals were given for effort or commitment then project professionals would be well decorated individuals.

Ever felt you've been gazumped! Been given another huge responsibility on top of your day job?

It constantly puzzles me why senior management seem to think it is ok to just keep loading their managers with more responsibility and expect us to just deliver. Responsibility brings effort, effort requires time, time is finite. Unless of course we are happy to accept mediocre results as we get spread too thinly.


Project professionals do not accept mediocracy. We strive for perfection and success.


This is what businesses rely on; the professionalism and drive of their managers. Without this companies fail. So why not do something different?

Because this is what we do, this is who we are, despite the endless pressures we cannot relent our commitment to succeed and senior management know this. Its in our DNA to keep fighting on to achieve our objectives, and onward we will stride.


Will I get out of bed on Monday morning to go again?

Yes I will.

Will I keep pushing on despite the ever growing responsibilities?

Yes I will.



Because I am a project professional and I love my profession.

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