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Project Point Articles

Links to articles and feeds which provide information in support of

our people, our planet and projects

Teams in University of Technology in Sydney have identified a microbe which uses photosynthesis and secretes a carbon-rich mucus contributing to the natural carbon pump. This could be enormously significant for how we think about the ocean balancing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and, according to the article, could be a game-changer in the way we think about carbon and the way it moves in the marine environment

A short video from the World Economic Forum. These three countries are leading the way, taking the initiative in being carbon negative. The http link has more great information on the subject.

A real life example of how climate change is affecting not only peoples lives but their culture and traditions. An example of climate impact, which although out of view today will affect us all in the future, particularily coastal dwellers.

A short documentary which introduces how the growing problem of millions of waste tyres are being recycled.

An great article for anyone interested in how different methods are being used to help clean up the worlds oceans of plastic waste.

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